Augusta History Museum Calendar

2016 Calendar


On Mon. April 25 at 7:00 p.m. Sally and Anita will repeat their program “Tall Tales Still Told” at the Wine Hall for the members of the Boone-Duden organization.  Boone-Duden will supply cookies.


On Sunday May 5 Ellen will keep the museum open.


On Sunday June 5 Clarence and Jeanette will keep the museum open.


On Sunday June 12 Ellen will give a talk at the Visitor Center, “Augusta in 1910”, based on articles written by Bob’s grandfathers and his aunt Laura Nahm.


On Sunday July 3 Sally will keep the museum open.


On Sunday July 10 Kathryn will talk about how Augusta wines and the formation of the viticultural district have grown in the Augusta region.


On Sunday August 7 Paul will give his World War II talk at the museum and he and Bernice will keep the museum open afterwards.  Ellen will print copies of her article about rationing in World War II to pass out.


On September 4 Kathryn will keep the museum open.  Because of the Turkey dinner and events at the wineries, the museum will not be open on October 2.